We extend customized medical care and education to underprivileged children with disabilities or learning disorders as they fall outside the existing medical and educational system.     

You can help one child in need by “adopting” him / her financially.

“Adopting” a child financially can be a wonderful way to contribute – especially for families with children as they can then relate to another child. You, as foster parent, then get regular personal updates on the child’s development.  

To find out more about sponsoring one child, please email us so we can discuss and suggest best match between your family and a child in need. 

Note however that neither do we recommend informing the child that he or she has a sponsor nor do we encourage personal contact. This is to prevent disappointment and the feeling of rejection if foster parents have to stop the support at some point, or one child gets more letters then another. ‘Unadopted’ children could even feel not good enough to be “adopted”. 

Please scroll down to read more about our children and what they learn in their different programs.

At the bottom of the page there are buttons to find out what you might learn when contributing and joining one of the programs (school camps, educational family holidays, teambuilding events) in our forest school!

But first, hope you will enjoy some beautiful portraits, made by visitors from our “Artist in Residence” program, right here:

In addition to the medical support and education, the children at TCDF also  learn different occupational skills. The aim is to support the children in their development towards independant young adults. They can use these skills in the future to create an income and  grow up to be strong and proud young adults that have learned to live with their challenges.

At TCDF kids learn occupational skills in:

  • Bakery & restaurant
  • Art eco shop & design
  • Recycle bank
  • Fish farming
  • Mushroom farming
  • organic farming
  • Seed saving nursery
  • Compost production center
  • Shampoo & soap production

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A donation -in time or money, no matter how big or small! – can work long after it was given. But only if the donation is used in a sustainable way. There are many ways you can support TCDF and learn or receive someting too!


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