Thanks to donations we have made the difference in the lives of hundreds of children in need, for more then a decade!

We have been blessed by the support of sponsors most of whom have been here and seen with their own eyes what a big difference a donation, even a small one can make. Most visitors want to donate something practical, visible, such as the wheelchairs, physio material or milk and medicine…And over the years we were able to gather the materials we need to run efficiently and most importantly in a safe manner. We are now blessed to have our own school bus , physio material and occupational training work stations! At this point in time we are asking for donations to make sure we can continue supporting our children in need.

Our children all have different needs and there are just as many ways to make a difference! Please scroll down to read about difference ways to make a difference and the   benefits and gifts that come with this. 

At TCDF all individual donations will be used 100% for the projects and the children within these projects. And never used for overhead costs such as a downtown office, or big P.R. events. Our financial books are completely open to the public and detailed to the cents! Scroll down to read more about our financial systems and download our yearly plans, budgets and reports.


Medical Care



The best and safest way of donating is transferring directly into our main bankaccounts  via your bank account:

The foundation is founded and registered in Thailand and in the Netherlands. Checked yearly and accepted as an “ANBI” by the Dutch tax system and the Thai system. This means the donations to this official accounts can be tax-deductible for organisations and citizens. 

1. Donate to our Dutch bank account

Bank : ABN-AMRO      

Adres bank: Pynepoort 11, 2611 PX Delft, Netherlands
Country: The Netherlands / Nederland
Account name: Stichting Thai Child Development (Stichting=Foundation)
Account nr:  516022 318
IBAN nr:  NL65ABNA  0516022318

2. Donate to our Thai bank account

If you are located in Thailand you can also donated directly to the Thai Bank account. If you do, please email us your name, the donation amount and date so we can make sure we follow up with you on your donation. Thai banks do not print senders on the transfer statements.

Bank : TMB BANK       City/ branch: Ranong
Country: Thailand
Name: Munility pattana dek leh jawachon
(Translates to:TCDF’s Thai official foundation name: Foundation development of children and youth)
Account nr:  4292397496

If you like to support the foundation in a sustainable way by becoming a Friend of the Foundation and making a monthly donation, please scroll down this page to read more about this option.

3. Donate via Paypal/creditcard:

The costs for international bank transfer can be high and it might not be worth it. For international transfers you could choose to donate via Paypal or creditcard. Click here for this option or use the form below.

Donation Form

Persoonlijke info

Totaalbedrag: €10

Please do consider becoming a Friend of TCDF!

In a world where war and natural disasters ruins the lives of so many it is difficult for a small foundation as TCDF to do fundraising for kids who might have a disability and be in need, but they are not dying from hunger and they are not being forced out of their homes. There are other children who need donations way more than ours…And yet, how can we tell our children that they cannot go to school anymore because there is no sponsor, or that their medicines are being taken away because of lack of funding? We cannot, and that is why we are asking people to become Friends of TCDF.

Friends support TCDF on a long term, monthly base with a financial contribution. Our kids and our Thai team can surely count on in the planning and dividing of the medical and educational support of the children in need. 

For people with a Dutch bankaccount you can make and automatic monthly tranfer for an amount you choose. You can also download the direct debit form here. or for questions send an email to the secretary in the Netherlands, Maria Tieges (  

For our non Dutch friends, the costs for international bank transfer can be high and not worth it for smaller donations. We ask you to donate your Friend contribution yearly or use PayPal for monthly payments!

Thank you so much.

Student TCDF Special School

Our Financial System

Our finances are day to day, very specific and completely transparent to the public since 2004. Please contact us if you want to know exactly what difference your donation can make! Our general reports can be loaded here.

In our reports and financial administration, it will show that TCDF:

  • only pays local, Thai staff who work directly with the children.
  • uses all donations directly towards the underprivileged children in the projects.
  • does not need to spend donations on overhead cost thanks to the support of our sister organization Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity.

Donate to charity new style!

 There are many ways to support our charity and make a difference!

A donation -in time or money, no matter how big or small! – can work long after it was given. But only if the donation is used in a sustainable way. There are many ways you can support TCDF and make it a win-win situation too!


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