The Community Learning Center 

The Thai Child Development Foundation offers scholorships to underpriviledged children and also runs educational programs at the Community Learning Center. On weekdays the Special School is open for students with special needs. On saturday the center is open for all local youth. Besides the educational programs for local children the foundation offers trainings, seminars, workshops, weekend retreats and camps in Thai and English all year round.

There are 1 day to 1month programs for 6-40 people groups, school classes& teams of all ages :

 Learning by doing (school) camps 

Teach the teacher trainings

Teambuilding & CSR programs

Natural building , perma-culture &self-sustainable living workshops

Yoga & Mindfullness retreats

Youth leadership skills trainings

Certified childrens yoga teacher trainings

The Community Learning Center is on a big Eco-Logic property surrounded by forest, rivers and waterfalls near the small mountain town of Phato (12 km). The closest city is Ranong (airport 12 km).

 On the property you will find:

  • Community Learning Center
  • Special School for Special need Students
  • Occupational training center
  • Mud house education village
  • Yoga retreat
  • Organic farm
  • Slow food restaurant
  • Sport field & playground
  • Family friendly riverside jungle resort

The center with  all its facilities are is set up according to the three core values of permaculture &self-sustainability:

  1. Care for the earth,
  2. care for the people
  3. Fair share.


100 % of the profit (!) of educational events is reinvested in the occupational training center& organic farm for the disabled children from the Thai Child Development Foundation.