WE wish to continuE changing lives of children in need for as long as, never longer then, they need it.


In a world where war and natural disasters ruins the lives of so many it is difficult for a small foundation as TCDF to do fundraising.  Our kids might have a disability and be in need, but they are not dying from hunger and they are not being forced out of their homes. 

And yet, how can we tell our children that they cannot go to school anymore because there is no more sponsor, or that their medicines are being taken away because of lack of funding? We cannot, and that is why we are asking people to support our charity in a sustainable way trusting and knowing that TCDF has already made a real difference in the lives of children in need for more then 15 years.

Our children all have different needs and there are just as many ways to make a difference! Please scroll down to read about differnece ways to make a difference and the benefits and gifts that come with this.

WISHLIST 2018-2019

  1.  Enough financial donations and child sponsorships to keep the special school open for students with learning disabilities for the second school term starting in November.
  2.  To build a home so 3 teachers can live on the property full time. This means 24 hour emergency response and safety. It also means that these teachers will stay long term which is very important for the bonding with the children.
  3.  Solar power for the property. Food, milk and sometimes even medicine goes to waste due to regular power faillure.
  4.  Irrigation system for the farm. To minimize the damaging effects of the floods in the rainy season and droughts in the dry season.
  5.  A year budget for gasoline for the schoolbus that picks up disabled children in the surrounded mountain villages every morning.

If you think you can make one of these wishes come true or have a big network where there might be someone interested in this then please do contact us to discuss the options!

Help us help in a sustainable way!

Become a Friend of TCDF

Make a monthly donation between 5-100 euros we can really count on with planning the social care for the individual kids.

Sponsor Self-sustainability

In food & finance by sponsoring a part of the occupational training center and farm of the kids.

Sponsor a child

For the long term support he/ she needs.

Be a Big Giver

With a donation starting at 7000 euros a year that creates continuity!

We hope you find the time to visit us and support charity new style!

At our slow food restaurant stressed is just desserts spelled backwards!

  • Visit our slow food restaurant & bakery.
  • Enter a corporate social responsibility program.
  • Join our adopt a bungalow” program.
  • Bring your school camp to our forest center.
  • Book a teambuilding event.
  • Join our workshops & trainings.
  • Book our venue for your own event or retreat.
  • Book a educational family holiday.


  • A donation of goods can make a real difference. As long as it can be used in a sustainable way or helps where the urgency is highest that specific time. At TCDF we don’t take things for granted and we value and appreciate your support. If you plan on visiting us and you want to bring things for the children please email us to aks what is needed most at that specific time. If you cannot come bring your donation in person please consider that often the costs of sending goods is higher then the price to buy the product locally and you might better consider making a financial donation instead.You can contact us to help deside which dream you want your donation to make come true!

  • We wish for you to even support us from your home

  • Become a TCDF Community Ambassador and help spread the word online with likes, sharing, blogs and articles.
  • Support us online with support with professional advice and special skills.
  • Support our Art-Eco shop by offering a win–win joint venture with your products.
  • Order our web shop products.

Support charity new style

 There are many ways to support our charity and make a difference!


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