Expanding your impact through the ACADEMY!

For more then 15 years the Thai Child Development Foundation or TCDF has been empowering underprivileged children and young adults in Thailand through special need education and healthcare programs. TCDF runs a forest school in the mountains of Phato with a school for special need students and a sustainable development farm with occupational training center. A short stroll along the river brings you to the Ecologic nature lodge where everybody is welcome to join one of the many inspirational nature and self development programs, camps and even weekend retreats that are organized all year round and for all ages under the beautiful concept of LEARN, EARN and RETURN! 

If you cant make it to the forest school: This year TCDF is opening an online academy with a supporting Social Impact shop online. The expantion of the academy has the aim to expand our impact, connect to more people and through that empower more people in need! Below you can read more about the programs of the TCDF Forest school Academy that you can join, we hope to hear from you soon!



Sharing educational material easy, printable, free


Offer or ask support


Buy or sell fairtrade


Inspirational group venue


Circular economy & the permaculture principles

The circular economy aims to keep products, equipment and infrastructure in use for longer, thus improving the productivity of resources just like in permaculture

Community outreach

Working closely together with local schools, health care institutions and village leaders.

Special Need Education

Children who can not go to their local village school due to either learning or physical disabilities are picked up with the school bus and get customized education and at the academy for free all year round


Children from underpriviledged families can continue their education through the scholarship program. This program is a cooperation between the academy and government schools of which the teachers are the contact person and the whistleblowers

Youth Leadership skills training

Extended program that guides teenager to make the right choices, set big goals and plan the steps to achievement

Woman & girls empowerment

1 day Workshops that empowers woman groups and girls to become less dependent by setting up small businesses and teaching the relevant communication skills for the progress

Environmental Education

Educational program that focuses on respect for the environment. The academy is situated in a unique environment with mangrove forests, jungles, waterfalls, rivers, national ,marine parks, hot-springs, national parks and secluded beaches just a daytrip away!

Community Learning Center

Free educational programs every saturday for people of the local community to join. Language, health, sports, music and occupational trainings are offered weekly in this all year round program


3-12 month internship positions available for students from thailand and abroad. A unique learning opportunity for students of many courses!

U-pick-M cooking courses

The academy offers thai cooking courses, vegan cooking courses, and food forest courses to groups and visitors all year round!

Eco- action events

Tree planting events, clean up the river events, setting up recycle banks in your community and more. Join the action at one of the many events at the tcdf-ecologic academy for circular economy!

Recycle bank scholarships

Cleaning up the village while raising educational funds and raising awareness on the environment . A win win win program that can be set up in every village, school or organisation.

Wonder-full World of Water

From rivers to beaches, waterfalls, to hot-springs, mangrove forests to coral reefs.

Help clean up while learning about the ecosystems and enjoying the wonderful world of water that can all be found all around the unique location of tcdf-ecologic academy!

School camps

1 day-1 week- 1 month school camps for students groups up to 40 students. focus on circular economy, yoga & mind-fullness, language, back to basic camps, digital detox camps and our most popular camp WWW: Wondeful Worl of Water, and environmental education camp that brings students from waterfalls, to oceans to hot-springs to mangroves!

Would you like to join, know more or receive information on a customized program just for you?

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LEARN, EARN, RETURN during a short visit to the forest school:

Fun @ Farm Fridays

Visit, join and show support at the occupational training center for young adults with special needs on the open day each friday. learn how to make soap, organic compost, print t-shirts and more.

Share a skill Saturdays

Art, language, sport, self defense, marketing…..

Share a skill and teach a class at the community learning center on saturdays.


Combining a holiday with helping out 3 hours a day. Voluntourist do not take away jobs from local people and do not work directly with the children of the foundation. They support the foundation in a sustainable way by helping on the organic farm or sharing a proffessional skill with the academy team!

Artist nature inspiration retreats

No better place to find inspiration then in nature! all year round 1 month retreat places. all profits go to the community creative learning center for local children. However… Every september free rooms available for artists staying in thailand! Artist make the world a more beatiful place and the academy supports this!

Body & soul yoga retreats

All year round retreats that focus on self improvement thru yoga & meditation.

The most popular retreat is our weekly yoga, nature & culture retreat that combines enjoying the best of thailand with doing the best for your body & soul. All profits of the retreat go towards the medical care program of the foundation!

Child Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga is good for body and soul and yoga can help children in their overall development.

The academy offers trainings in several languages to become a certified children, yoga teacher. Expand your impact thru education!

C.S.R & Teambuilding

The academy builds customized win win CSR programs for companies with awareness in thailand and the rest of the world! On-line volunteer programs, fund raising event organisation, or team-building at the academy’s forest school are all part of the options.

Visit our farm fresh restaurant

Hand picked, home roasted organic coffee, thai and western menu, vegan and raw choices. enjoy the mountain view at our farm fresh restaurant for a day, walk around, have a swim, book a massage and enjoy. All profits go to the nutrition program for underpriviledged children!

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