Forest school camps @ TCDF

The Thai Child Development Foundation organizes educational school camps (in Thai and English, Dutch translation possible), open to all schools and groups! There are 1 day- 1 month camps and all camps can be customized for your school/ group. The educational program can focus on:

  • Youth leadership skills
  • Self-sustainable living & organic farming
  • Back to basic
  • Digital detox
  • Nature & Culture
  • Healthy living

The packages are all organized with Ecological values: in respect of nature and local culture. Joining an educational camp at TCDF means choosing with awareness while supporting a charity in a sustainable way: 100 % of the profit (!) is reinvested in the educational training center for handicapped children from the local community!

The foundation is on a big property surrounded by forest, rivers and waterfalls.

The closest city is Ranong (45 km) and the small mountain town of Phato (12 km)

On the property you will find:

  • Creative Learning Center
  • Special School for Special need Students
  • Occupational training center
  • Perma-culture farm
  • Mud house education village
  • Yoga retreat
  • Family friendly riverside jungle resort
  • Slow food restaurant
  • Sport field & playground

Included activities & classes:

  • The TCDF TREE: Introduction to social community work and the need in society. The positive –small step- approach
  • Q&A route: The Flower of Permaculture
  • Learning by doing: Permaculture activities
  • Workshop Brainstorm & Mind map
  • Workshop “Self-sustainability “(finance, food & daily life)
  • Mind map activity” Personal opportunities on self-sustainable living”
  • Workshop “ Refuse, Reduce, Re use, Recycle”
  • Creative activity “The art of recycling “
  • Workshop “The W- list: Explanation skills for small scale fundraising”
  • Tree planting activity
  • U pick farm (mushrooms, organic veggies, eggs, fish,)
  • Workshop “Importance of cultural exchange”
  • Workshop “Travelling by yourself safe”
  • Crash course “Thai language & do’s & don’ts for travelers”
  • Bamboo raft river trip & home stay lunch

The center with  all its facilities are is set up according to the three core values of permaculture & self-sustainability:

  1. Care for the earth,
  2. Care for the people
  3. Fair share.

On the page Academy you can read more about the programs and the camps thet TCDF offers.Please contact us if you want to know more about the camps and the workshops. The venue can also be booked for your own camp.