TCDF maintains a “4 pair of eyes* system:

The TCDF financial system requires a minimum of 2 board members together to have access to withdraw funds at the bank (1)This money is divided by the secretary into weekly budgets for the outreach workers who are responsible for the different programs and children in the villages (2).The outreach workers bills are checked for efficiency and necessity by the secretary on a weekly base (3)Every single expense and bill is checked by a registered, independent accounting company not only yearly but at TCDF also on a monthly bases. (4)At the end of the month- only after all expenses have been checked and new week and day support plans for the individual children have been agreed- a new part of the donations by our sponsor network will be withdrawn.

The latest financial reports will be delivered by the independent account agency end of May.


2019 TCDF Financieel Rapport (NL) Download Independent financial report 2019 TCDF (NL) Download 2019 TCDF Financial Report (EN) Download 2019 Impact short report TCDF (EN) Download


Jaarplan TCDF 2018/Yearplan TCDf 2018 (in Dutch) Download Eindverslag Educatie 2018 (in Dutch) Download Financieel jaarrapport 2018 Stichting Thai Child Development (in Dutch) Download


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