The TCDF Food Forest Farm – 20 educational stations

TCDF works towards self-sustainability on a local level (for food AND finance !) in order to reduce the dependence on donations by creating income generating projects: Farm, ecotourism and social impact shop. As a part of the sustainability project, TCDF has a big organic farm and a circular economy learning center. Circular economy, is an (economic) system of closed cycles in which raw materials, components and products lose their value as little as possible, renewable energy sources are used and system thinking is central. Think of food supply. The students grow their own food in the food forest farm, which is cooked on biogas. the biogas is made from food scraps. The food is sold in the restaurant, the proceeds from this restaurant are invested in the farm and the training courses, etc.

Self-reliance is the goal of TCDF, for the children but also for the foundation itself.

TCDF is creating jobs on the Food Forest Farm for young adults with disabilities.

Depending on the disability and age of a child, a child sometimes needs many years of support and sometimes even forever. The vocational training of TCDF is aimed at guiding young adults who have the ability to work to become self-reliant in their own community. At the TCDF Food Forest Farm there are many learning stations. If we have found something that fits a child, for example the fish farm, and if the parents also like it, then we try to realize what fits the child in the village environment with the aim that a young adult with a disability can really earn an income and thus contribute within the family. With the help of vocational training, some young adults can already function so well after a few years that they can actually learn a profession that they can perform at home and thus have a basic income that can eventually stop their TCDF sponsorship.

If you want to support charity in a sustainable way, supporting the TCDF Food Forest Farm is a great idea! There are many fun ways you can support this: order organic coffee and tea from our Social Impact Shop, visit our Farm 2 Fork restaurantbook a U-pick-M farm stay and/ or cooking course weekend, or simply sponsor the occupational training program for young adult with disabilities.