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As a part of the sustainability program the Thai Child Development Foundation – TCDF runs a holiday for charity program in coorperation with Eco-logic Thailand. Eco-logic Thailand is a family-friendly nature & yoga retreat that operates with a difference: all profits of a stay go back towards the Thai Child Development Foundation. 

 A journey that touches the heart!

How would you feel that 100 % of the profits of your family holiday (or honeymoon, your weekend getaway, your yoga retreat, even your company team building trip or school camp… and so on!) is donated towards people less fortunate? If you want to make a difference to others that need help, provided you are just given the opportunity to do so in a sustainable and meaningful way, search no further! The Thai Jungle can be your next holiday destination, one chosen with social awareness, where you invest in your own families well-being while helping others in need! Since its start in 2004, the Thai child Development in cooperation with Ecologic Thailand – have been welcoming guests from all over the world. By choosing the resort for charity as a unique holiday get-a-way  visitors can donate to an honest, small scale charity that is visible to them by enjoying an off the beaten track holiday in the middle of nature. Families can combine the rich experience of giving back with a family friendly, safe but adventurous stay.  We don’t all necessarily need to dig a well or teach English to give back to the local community where we spend your holiday …

You support charity in a sustainable way just with the stay! 

Well hidden, jet easy to reach!

The ten acre big property with forest school & permaculture farm is reachable by one hour flight from Bangkok to Ranong plus fifteen minutes’ drive into the mountains. The project is located in a unique natural environment with waterfalls, jungles, mangrove forests, national marine parks and even hot springs just a daytrip away!  You can discover the real Thailand beautifully from 1 place! Go snorkeling with our private wooden boat at pristine island in the under crowded national marine park. Float down the river on a bamboo raft, hike to the waterfall and swim there….. all alone. Soak in the medicinal hot springs in our national park , enjoy sunset yoga on the hilltop of the temple. Enjoy the sounds of the jungle on your riverside porch and in our Mountain View slow food restaurant with a bar & bakery.  

Lots to do, relax, experience and learn in a unique natural environment.

  • Family holidays- Tarzan in the jungle!
  • Digital Detox & (family) yoga retreats
  • Environmental awareness holidays
  • Back to basic outdoor camps
  • Fun @ the farm active holiday packages
  • “Share -a-skill Saturday- family volunteering weekends
  • Learn-Earn-Return” corporate social responsibility programs & teambuilding
  • There are also special educational vacation programs (with invitation letters and certificates) for families with children who travel for a long time and learn online.

There are many different ways to support charity!

A donation -in time or money, no matter how big or small! – can work long after it was given. But only if the donation is invested in a sustainable way! At TCDF there are many ways you can support charity in a fun way, expand your impact and make it a win-win situation!  Click on the buttons below to learn more, choose what suits you best and please do contact us if you want to know more, we love to hear from you!


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