Below are pictures and a short video of just a few children with special needs who are not able to go to a normal village school in Thailand… Even though Thailand is a fast developing country and medical care and education are quite well organized, there is little to no support for children and people with disabilities, especially in the countryside. 

You can help one child in need by “adopting” him / her financially.

“Adopting” a child financially can be a wonderful way to contribute – especially for families with children as they can relate to another child. You, as foster parent,  get regular personal updates on the child’s development.  The care of a child costs between 1000-2000 euro per child per year. There are children who need a sponsor just for their special medical care, children who only need a sponsor for their scholorship. But also still 12 children with special needs who are in desperate need for a full sponsor to make sure they get the medical care AND education they need and can only get at TCDF’s Special school…

To find out more about sponsoring one child, please contact us so we can discuss and suggest best match between a child and your family/ team/ group. 

The below portraits are made by visiting artists who shared their skills in our “Artist in Residence” program! 

You can also help many children at once by sponsoring one of their specific programs.

You can choose a program that you find most important or that matches your company/ family best and you can donate any amount that you feel comfortable with. Please do mention the program you would like to see your donation spend on such as Nutrition, Scholorships, Medical Care or one specific program at the forest school & occupational training center:

 At TCDF’s forest school children who fall outside the government medical and education programs can get the care they need without taking them out of their homes! There is a school car that pick’s them all up in the surrounding mountain villages and brings them to the forest school every day where they focus on:

Daily life skills, like cooking, buying food, but also to be able to get dressed by themselves and take care of their body.

Physical therapy,  muscle massages, exercises and physiotherapy to help each individual child get stronger step by step.

Basic education, reading, writing, math, but also sign language, art and music classes.

Occupational training, different programs that teach a child how to work. Besides learning TCDF then implements this at their own home/ village so they can take care of themselves in the future At TCDF’s occupational traing center there is a fish far, mushroom farm, chicken farm, vegetable farm, plant nursery, restaurant, bakery, laundry service, soap & shampoo factory and an art & crafts station!

Al these programs are aimed to support and enable the children to be able to take care of themselves and do not need a sponsor in the future!   

 We appreciate you taking the time to read this and you are always welcome to come and visit the children at the foundation. At TCDF there are many ways to support the children and make a difference! 


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