Sponsor charity in a sustainable way with TCDF

 TCDF sponsors can create a customized support package that changes lives, aligns with your own mission and with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  There are many ways to sponsor and support charity! Scroll down for examples of sponsor programs AND the benefits that come with choosing TCDF as your charitable fund!

Why help us help?

Your help- invested time or money, little or a lot– can help long after it was given. But only if your investment is made in a sustainable way and through a trustworthy partner on the ground like TCDF.

  • TCDF has been changing the lives of hundreds of children in a sustainable way for almost 20 years: it works!

  • Donations are used for the children in our programs and not used for overhead costs such as offices in the city or food and board of international volunteers.

  • TCDF runs a organic farm & visitor center & fair trade shop to increase our local sustainability in both food and finance and empower our youth.

  • In compliance to our child safety policy only our long term team members work directly with the children 

  • TCDF does not accept discrimination. We welcome people of all nationalities, religion, sexes and ages.

  • Finances are detailed, checked by our 4 person eyes daily admin system and fully open to the public. Checked by and independent accountant agency in both Thailand and the Netherlands.


All sponsors are welcome to visit and see the impact you made!


Visit and see with your own eyes that your donation- big or small- can make a world of difference! TCDF supports underserved children all over Thailand but is coordinated from our FOREST SCHOOL ACADEMY in the mountains of Phato Village-the gateway to the south. TCDF has riverside rooms ( with a stunning view over the jungle!) available for visitors. Some sponsors come back every year! Besides visiting the projects there are many activities you can enjoy in this unique natural environment with mangrove forests, national marine parks, hot spring national parks and waterfalls. On the page Academy you can read more about this.

Free Accommodation

Sponsors are invited to visit. Sponsors get the first nights of their stay for free including a special tour and explanation on the project that they help make possible.

Free Vouchers

TCDF sponsors can also apply for free stay vouchers for friends and family who they think might be interested to learn more about the TCDF method of supporting charity in a sustainable way.

Regular Updates

TCDF sponsors receive yearly impact reports and can always ask the founders for extra updates and customized reporting. Our sponsors are a part of  our team and are highly valued.

Ambassadors & online volunteers- help tell the story!

Ambassadors make sure that the untold stories of TCDF’s children are heard and seen! Ambassadors are volunteers that use there own skill sets and may opt to help with fundraising, offering specialist knowledge and skills, or give presentations and organize promotional activities. Ambassadors help realize dreams!

Benefits of joining TCDF as an ambassador or (online) volunteer.


Work Experience - build your resume and portfolio, receive certificates

Grow your network- TCDF has worldwide partners in the public and private sectors

Letter of reference and reference contact for future job applications

One week optional free stay in our resort for charity-Ecologic Thailand

Big Givers

  Philanthropy  is a way to expand your impact. Big Givers donate an amount of $10.000 or more. Big Givers often make yearly tax deductible donations to charity’s programs that align with their mission.  TCDF has a yearly wish list with clear numbers and impact overviews to chose from divide in three subjects:  Healthcare, Education and Sustainability

Benefits for big givers who choose TCDF as their charitable fund

The undefined gratitude from all our children in need!


Clear and customized impact reports and financial overviews


Direct communication with the founder -customized and on requested)

Coverage on social media- customized to align with both our missions


Full anonymity if wished

A free one week stay in Thailand with our main sponsor Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity

Give-a-way vouchers for free stay for your network connections

Expand your impact and change lives of children in need through our dedicated experienced team in the field!

Friends of TCDF- smaller but steady- monthly donations

Friends of TCDF are people that support TCDF with a financial donation on a long term, monthly base. With this is support – support we can really count on no matter what- our outreach workers can ensure the most urgent medical and educational support for the children in need depending on the situation at hand. Without having to apply for funds, wait for answers and attend meetings first….  Friends of TCDF are people who trust that TCDF truly changes lives of children.  Friends are a very important part of the TCDF community and steady supporters our children in need can count on!

Special Program Joint-Ventures- choose a program close to your heart! Creating win win partnerships.

If you have a personal special interest such as education, food, yoga, music, sport, the environment or girls empowerment…. there is a good chance TCDF runs a program for that at our academy! TCDF supports all children in need that fall outside of the local, existing healthcare and education programs and that means that the support for our kids is divers, customized and different for every child and all programs are focusses on sustainability. Feel free to reach out and tell us where your interest lies, and what you would like to achieve. That way we can suggest you the fitting program to partner that best alligns with your aim! For example:

Sponsoring TCDF: many ways to make a difference!


  • FOOD- a restaurant might sponsor our nutrition program by buying our organic coffee and tea’s and rebranding it.

  • EDUCATION- a school might become a sister school and join together for schoolcamps and internships

  • TRANSPORT- a logistics company might pay for the gasoline of the schoolbusses and add their logo on it! 

  • HEALTH- a clinic might sponsor a medical care program and volunteer in the mountains one weekend a year as an outdoor teambuilding event.

  • YOGA- a yoga school might sponsor the yoga & development program and organize a nature retreat at our forest school & Ecologic resort!

  • NATURE- an outdoor lover might sponsor our environmental education project and sell outdoor holidays and eco tourism packages with TCDF.

Corporate Social Responsibility- partnerships for the good!

More and more organizations with awareness – also smaller ones- are investing in their Corporate Social Responsibility plans. In a partnerships for the good we can expand our impact and show both customers and team that we care! Please email us to create a personalized charity program that suits your company’s interest best, stay updated and receive your free Holiday for Charity vouchers to use yourself or to give a way as gifts to your customers or team. Read more on why CSR is for every company on our CSR page

Partner with TCDF according to goal number 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals!

Social media coverage-Joined networks initiatives that allign with both our missions

Rebranding products-Reaching a bigger network by amplifing social impact

Sales commissions - creating fairtrade jobs and promoting organic products

Network gifts- office stationary, xmass baskets, yearly teambuilding events

Our Sponsors come from all over the world but have one thing in common: they expand their impact by sponsoring sustainably!

UNSECO: There are four dimensions to sustainable development – society, environment, culture and economy – which are intertwined, not separate. Sustainability is a paradigm for thinking about the future in which environmental, societal and economic considerations are balanced in the pursuit of an improved quality of life. For example, a prosperous society relies on a healthy environment to provide food and resources, safe drinking water and clean air for its citizens.  
One might ask, what is the difference between sustainable development and sustainability? Sustainability is often thought of as a long-term goal (i.e. a more sustainable world), while sustainable development refers to the many processes and pathways to achieve it (e.g. sustainable agriculture and forestry, sustainable production and consumption, good government, research and technology transfer, education and training, etc.). 
To date, Education for Sustainable Development has been integrated into many global frameworks and conventions related to key areas of sustainable development. At TCDF we warmly invite all companies with awareness, big or small to partner with TCDF and support charity in a sustainable way just like UNESCO centrum Nederland!

Sponsor Charity new style!

 There are many ways to support our charity and make a difference!

A donation -in time or money, no matter how big or small! – can work long after it was given. But only if the donation is used in a sustainable way. There are many ways you can support TCDF and make it a win-win situation too!


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