There are many ways to support charity and make a difference!

Our sponsors change lives! A donation -in volunteering time or money, no matter how big or small! – can work long after it was given. But only if it is invested in a sustainable way. 

 Good to know:

  • TCDF has been changing the lives of hundreds of children for more than ten years: it works!

  • 100% of donations are used for the children in terms of Medical care and education and not used for overhead costs such as management, marketing, offices in the city or food and board of international volunteers.

  • Only local people get paid and work with the children to create a safe, long term relationship.

  • TCDF has no religious motivation.

  • Finances are exact to the last cent and completely open to the public.

  • There are lots of benefits for sponsors too!

  • Customized CSR programmes and teambuilidng events available.

    There are many ways you can help us help and even make it a win-win situation for you too! Scroll down to read about the many ways you can help and sponsor!

Customized sponsorships

Corporate sponsorship,  individual child sponsoring, or sponsoring with your school….  At TCDF we prefer to create a customized package that suits your  values, aims and budget best. You can scrol down to read all the options AND the benefits that come with sponsoring TCDF or contact the founding director directly to discuss the options and together create a customized plan.


Friends of TCDF- monthly sponsors

Friends of TCDF are people that support TCDF with a financial donation on a long term, monthly base. With this is support, our Thai team can ensure the planning and continued medical and educational support for the children in need. The Friends of TCDF are people who know and trust that TCDF truly changes lives of children.  Friends feel connected and are a very important part of the TCDF community.

Free Accommodation

Friends of TCDF are always welcome in Paksong and get the first 3 nights of their stay for free and get a special tour and explanation on the project that they help make possible.

Free Vouchers

TCDF friends can also apply for free stay vouchers for friends and family who they think might be interested to learn more about the TCDF method of supporting charity in a sustainable way.

Regular Updates

Friends of TCDF get regular updates on the work and can always ask the founders personally if they would like extra or special information. Friends are a part of the our team and are    highly valued!

Sponsor in a sustainable way!

Sponsor an individual Child long term

Student TCDF Special School

Click HERE to read more about sponsoring an individual child long term or scroll down to read more about different programs that help many children!.

Sponsor local sustainability 

Ambassadors of TCDF- help spread the word!

Ambassadors represent TCDF on a voluntary basis, in their own countries, using their private and/or business network to make TCDF’s children be heard and seen. They help us with fundraising, with realizing dreams of our children, with knowledge and skills; they give presentations and organize promotional activities for TCDF and the TCDF Eco-Logic Resort for Charity.



Work Experience On Your Resume

Impressive profiling opportunity towards social responsibility

A reference letter on request

One week optional free stay in Thailand with our main sponsor Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity

Big Givers

Big Givers are people who donate an amount starting at 7000 euro. Big Givers often make taxdeductable donations and donate to several charities. To value there time there is  an quick overview page on request, containing all relevant information to make the decision to choose to donate big to TCDF.


The undefined gratitude from all our children in need!


A thank you letter


Customized follow up by the founder personally (request)

Profiling opportunity in our database


Anonymity if wished

A free one week stay in Thailand with our main sponsor Eco-Logic, Resort for Charity

Give-a-way vouchers

The satisfaction of being able to change lives of children in need

Special Interest Sponsors

Some people have a personal interest towards medical care, others to music, education, nutrition, sport or emotional development…. TCDF supports all children in need that fall outside of the local, existing healthcare and education programs and that means that the support for our kids is divers, customized and different for every child. To grow the connection between the sponsors and the charity TCDF has special sponsor programs to fit the interest and values of sponsors by presenting you with an child or program that suits your interest best.

Sponsoring TCDF: many ways to make a difference!

For example:

  • a family might sponsor our daily life skills program
  • a school might sponsor our school
  • a teacher might sponsor a child’s scholarship
  • a logistics company might sponsor our school bus
  • a clinic might sponsor a medical care program
  • a yogi might sponsor the yoga & emotional development program
  • a food lover might sponsor a school meal
  • an outdoor lover might sponsor our nature education project
  • and more….. Please do contact us to talk about your specific interests and for which challenge you would like to make a difference!

Corporate Sponsors

More and more companys with awareness are investing in their Corporate Social Responsibility plans. Together with TCDF a comapany can make a big difference an show their customers and team that they care! Please email us to create a personalized charity program that suits your company’s interest best, stay updated and receive your free Holiday for Charity vouchers to use yourself or to give a way as gifts to your customers or team. A company gift chosen with awareness!


Logo placement on our websites

A poster to hang in the office

Discounts on team building Events

Give–away-Vouchers (1 per $250) for employees

Our Sponsors come from all over the world but have one thing in common: they expand their impact by sponsoring in a sustainable way!

Sponsor Charity new style!

 There are many ways to support our charity and make a difference!

A donation -in time or money, no matter how big or small! – can work long after it was given. But only if the donation is used in a sustainable way. There are many ways you can support TCDF and make it a win-win situation too!


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