Sustainability in food & finance- TCDF a frontrunner since 2004

TCDF is committed to supporting underprivileged children for as long as -but never longer then!- needed. We don’t just “give the children fish”. We also teach them how to make a fishing rod, how to find the fish in nature and how to fish in a sensible, sustainable way! We work on sustainability, local self-reliance and independence, and thus also build the organization itself. We focus on securing the future of the Foundation by opting for sustainability, both in terms of food supply and financing. We do this by trying to limit the current dependence on fundraising. We are convinced that this is the future for Foundations and we are proud to be the front runners in this field as the developers of the Self-sufficiency Method for Foundations! TCDF works towards self-sustainability on a local level(for food AND finance !) in order to reduce the dependence on donations by creating income generating projects: Farm, ecotourism and social impact shop.

And with all the choices we make, we ensure that we minimize the impact on the environment. Environmental education is a fixed part of the education program, and there are plenty of initiatives in the field to limit environmental damage and raise awareness. TCDF works together with partners from the private and the public sector. Have a look at the video below and if you feel you would like to partner together for the good then do send us an email so we can see where our missions align!


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