Do you have a skill to share? Volunteer with TCDF!

Getting there with your support

If you want to make a difference to others that need help, provided you are just given the opportunity to do so in a sustainable and meaningful way, search no further!

Since its start in 2004, TCDF together with Eco-Logic have been welcoming volunteers and guests (voluntourists) from all over the world. Year after year we have been making a difference to the lives of hundreds children and families in need for over a decade. To enable us to continue growing our community support, we are warmly welcoming travellers with awareness to come and join the TCDF community and hand a helping hand on our farm and /or ecotourism project while here!

TCDF is looking for Passionate professionals to donate their skills as online volunteers!

At this stage of development, we feel we are ready to make the switch to creating self-generating income as a  replacement of donations.

This is the future towards self-sustainability and making sure the foundation can continue as long as there are children with disabilities who need help.

Online volunteers can help TCDF by spreading the word about the programs and expanding our impact through building online support.

Volunteering right from your own home/ office by sharing a skill such as marketing, translations, accounting, graphics design, writing…..

We value your time so please email us to together create your own customized action plan!

If you are interested to volunteer with TCDF do contact us directly! You can start by reading these files, to find out how you can collaborate and about the next steps you can take!