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Expanding our impact through sustainable support.

For more then 15 years the Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) has made a sustainable impact on the lives of hundreds of children in need. TCDF makes sure that children with special needs in rural areas also have acces to medical care and education. TCDF is a grassroots organisation with a forest school in the mountains of Paksong, Phato district Chumpon province, Thailand. All programs and activities at TCDF are sustainable and aimed towards self reliance for the children as well as the organization. TCDF is able to support children in need thanks to the trust and support of many sponsors, volunteers and visitors from all over the world. 

What makes TCDF special?

TCDF supports underpriviledged children as long as -but never longer then!-needed. Without taking the children out of their homes.

TCDF makes sure that customized medical care and education is also available to underprivileged children and children with disabilities or learning disorders who fall outside the locally available medical & educational systems. These children are supported in the two project branches Health Care & Education.  Our team of dedicated local woman- who have all been home trained at TCDF during the past 15 years!- provide customized care for each child in close cooperation with their parents or other daily life care givers, teachers and local healthcare providers. Our aim is to support the children in their development towards independance and strenght so they eventually don’t need us any more!

Meet a few!

Act local, think global! CSR, teambuilding & volunteering.

The care for the children in need has only been possible thanks to the support of our ever growing network of individuals and company’s with awareness from all over the world! Our CSR partners, joint venture partners, sisterschools, ambassadors and friends who sponsor TCDF or shared their skills! 

Helping from home : volunteering right from your own home/ office by sharing a skill such as marketing, translations, accounting, grafic design, writing….. We value your time so please email us to together create your own customized action plan!

Voluntourism: Hands on helping the team on the farm, foodforest and the Community Creative Learning Center. Please note that at TCDF volunteers do not work directly with special need children. Also we cannot use donations to pay for volunteer food and board so volunteers are asked to cover this themselves during their stay.

Holiday for charity 

If you are looking for an inspiring and undercrowded travel destination chosen with awareness then look no further! Eco-logic, resort for charity is a family-friendly nature & yoga retreat especially set up to support the foundation in a sustainable way.100% of the profit of a stay at the resort is donated towards the foundation!

Do good, receive good.

 Sustainable support expands the impact!

A donation -in time or money, no matter how big or small! – can work long after it was given. But only if the donation is used in a sustainable way! There are many ways you can support TCDF, expand your impact and make it a win-win situation! Choose what suits you best and please do contact us if you want to know more, we love to hear from you!


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