Changing lives, one at a time

The Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) is a foundation committed to fostering positive transformation in rural Thailand. Our focus is on empowering underprivileged children through healthcare, education, and sustainability initiatives.

Our Journey, Our Story

Our Journey, Our Story

Transforming Lives in Rural Thailand
The Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) is a beacon of hope for underprivileged children in rural Thailand, particularly those from underserved families. Founded in 2004 by a philanthropic Thai/Dutch family, TCDF has been unwavering in its commitment to offer tailored medical care and education, enriching lives every single day in Thailand.

Local Leadership, Global Vision
TCDF's women-led local Thai teams, driven by community-focused values, work alongside daily life caregivers to keep children in their homes and villages. Our mission transcends traditional aid, aiming for sustainable change and improved life quality without taking the children out of their homes. Our grassroots community-led efforts, bolstered by global backers, closely collaborate with local schools, healthcare hubs, and village leaders.

Our Primary Commitments

At TCDF, we strongly emphasize three transformative pillars:  educationhealthcare, and sustainability. Through equal acces to education, medical healthcare, aid and sustainable community based-initiatives, we enable empowerment, growth and well-being.



At the core of our foundation lies a commitment to education. Through carefully developed curriculum and programs, we uplift each student, blending traditional academics with personal development.



Every child deserves a fair chance for change. That's why we're passionately dedicated to ensuring the complete holistic health and well-being of underprivileged children in the heart of Thailand.



Discover how we're shaping resilient futures: Our commitment to self sufficiency, sustainable living and community empowerment through innovative economic, educational, and eco initiatives.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG)

Grassroots Sustainability
Already since the founding in 2004, TCDF has charted a path that aligns with the vision of the UNDSG. Our commitment to sustainability is multifaceted, intertwining a global environmental responsibility with sustainable inititives on a local level. Building resilient communities and local sustainability on a grassroots level through local food security, quality education, and equal acces to healthcare. 

Cultivating Self-Reliance
Through our Forest School Academy's campus "Learn, Earn, and Return" ethos, we champion a circular cycle of self-reliance and empowerment. As we continue this vital journey, we invite you to join hands with us, building a sustainable future.

Empowering the Unseen

As Thailand progresses swiftly, its rural communities often remain underserved, missing out on essential care and education. At our foundation, we deeply recognize these disparities and passionately step in to support these overlooked children who fall outside the systems.

  • Nong Pien

    Nong Pien

  • Nong Mon

    Nong Mon

  • Nong Tan

    Nong Tan

  • Nong Vita

    Nong Vita

  • Nong Bank

    Nong Bank

  • Nong Prang

    Nong Prang

  • Nong Baible

    Nong Baible

  • Nong Iev

    Nong Iev

  • Nong Title

    Nong Title

  • Nong Dom

    Nong Dom

  • Nong Mina

    Nong Mina

  • Nong Tonkla

    Nong Tonkla

Sharing unheard stories

Help us amplify the voices of our children. By simply engaging with us or sharing their stories on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, you might light the spark that transforms a young life. Let's weave this tale together. Thank you.

Eco-Logic Thailand: A Retreat with Purpose

Eco-Logic Thailand: A Retreat with Purpose

Journey into nature's untouched wonders
In the heart of Phato's serene embrace, Eco-Logic unfolds not just as a nature retreat but as a journey into nature's untouched wonders, where waterfalls whisper tales of old. Yet, the soul of Eco-Logic beats strongest in its deep-rooted purpose.

Where every stay shapes a future
Every moment you spend with us ripples out to support the Thai Child Development Foundation, lighting the path for underprivileged children. Staying at TCDF Eco-Logic campus your journey intertwines with theirs, crafting stories of hope and change. Here, every stay makes a difference. 

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