How to donate towards the children of TCDF

The best and safest way of donating is transferring directly into one of our two bank accounts. The foundation is registered in Thailand and in the Netherlands. Thoroughly checked by independent accountants. Qualified as an “ANBI” by the Dutch tax system so donations to  can be tax-deductible for organizations and citizens in the Netrherlands.


1. Donate to our Dutch bank account


Bank Address:

Pynepoort 11                              2611 PX
City & CountryDelft, The Netherlands

Account name:

Stichting Thai Child      Development        (Stichting=           Foundation)

Acc no:

516022 318

IBAN no:

NL65ABNA      0516022318



2. Donate to our Thai bank account

Bank:TTB Bank
Bank Address:226, 15 Thamuang Rd, Khao Niwet, Mueang Ranong District, Ranong 85000
Account name:Thai Child Development Foundation 
Account no:4292397496
Account holder address:71/2 M4 Tambon Paksong, Ampur Phato, Chumporn Province 86180, Thailand.

 *if you are located in Thailand you can donated directly to the Thai Bank account. If you do, please email us your name, the donation amount and date so we can make sure we follow up with you on your donation. Thai banks do not give senders name nor details on the transfer statements.

 If you are located outside of Thailand you might opt for a donation via Pay Pal or with your Credit Card through the form below or via this link

Donation Form

Personal Info

Donation Total: €10

TCDF big wish list 

Sustainable Sponsoring of TCDF's organic Food Forest farm

Sustainable steady sponsors are much needed for our food forest farm! Animal feed is needed each month to raise our fish, duck and chicken. But also seeds, pots, compost,  solar lights and more! All this to increase local sustainability at our Forest school academy and circular economy learning center and reduce the dangerous dependence on ongoing donations.

Sponsor a child

Help a child in need of medical care. Or provide a four year full university scholarship for students from underserved families in Thailand who have the skillsets but only lack the funds to continue to higher education.  Scholarships change lives, one at a time! The cost vary per student, per course, per university but all include (public) school term fee’s, books, dormitory, school meals, school bus, and uniforms. Please contact us to find a good match together for you and one child who’s life will be changed forever…

Be a Big Giver or investor

Big givers donate $10 000 up to a project that best aligns with their mission of change making. TCDF has a big investment Wishlist that is aimed on local sustainability and future financial independence on donations by increasing our incomes through our ecotourism project. Please contact us to see where our missions align..

Nong Eef, student TCDF Special School

Donating material

A donation of goods can make a real difference. As long as it can be used in a sustainable way or helps where the urgency is highest that specific time. At TCDF we don’t take things for granted and we value and appreciate your support. If you plan on visiting and want to bring things for the children please email us to ask what is needed most at that specific time. If you cannot come bring your donation in person please consider that often the costs of sending goods is higher then the price to buy the product locally and you may consider making a financial donation instead. You can contact us to together decide which dream you want your donation to make come true!

Sustainable support for children in need.

For more then 15 years the Thai Child Development Foundation (TCDF) has made a sustainable impact on the lives of hundreds of children in need by making specialized medical care and education available for children in Thailand who fall outside the system.

Please do consider becoming a Friend of TCDF!

In a world where war and natural disasters ruins the lives of so many it is difficult for a small foundation as TCDF to raise enough funds for our children and that is why we are asking people to become Friends of TCDF. Friends support TCDF on a monthly base with a financial contribution, big or small. Any amount helps as it is a donation that our Thai team can surely count on in the planning and dividing of the medical and educational support of the children in need. 

For people with a Dutch bank account you can make and automatic monthly transfer for an amount you choose.  For our non Dutch friends, the costs for international bank transfer can be high and not worth it for smaller donations. We ask you to donate your Friend contribution yearly or use PayPal for monthly payments! Thank you so much.

Student TCDF Special School

Our Financial System

Our finances completely transparent to the public since 2004.

Please contact us if you want to receive specific budgets or see exactly what difference your donation can make! Our  reports can be read here.

Donate to charity new style!

There are many ways to support our charity and make a difference!

A donation -in time or money, no matter how big or small! – can work long after it was given. But only if the donation is used in a sustainable way. There are many ways you can support TCDF and make it a win-win situation too!


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